ETF and Index Fund Investing - Simplified!

Masterclass all about understanding how to invest in Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds in a way that is straight forward, easy to understand, and practical!

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In this course you will learn exactly what Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds are and how those type of investments differ from individual stocks. You will also learn the very important metrics you should be looking into when deciding to buy a particular fund(s). And finally, I will teach you step by step how to buy your very first ETF, Index Fund, (and beyond!) using an online brokerage account or other kinds of platforms. This is a very hands on, practical, easy to follow course that will teach you how to build a fund portfolio on your own.

Some of the many testimonials from prior students:

As I just told someone, this is one of the most well put together, informative and user-friendly course I have ever taken. I could see the passion and the heart in the work. Absolutely loved the course. I cannot think of any improvements for this course. I believe as a novice this was the level necessary to build on. I only wish I had found Girls On The Money – Mabel Nunez sooner, but everything happens at the right time. I have been an advocate for this class and have been recommending the class to others.
-Heather L.


You actually taught me a new skill. I can now look at a fund and know if it’s for me or not. And you provided feedback about the homework.
-Kala N.


I give this class a 10. Thank you! You are very helpful and using your gift to encourage others. I’ve been part owner of two companies for over a year and it makes me proud because I never dreamed I would be. Keep up the great work!
-Relonda S.


Very Good, the terminology was easy to understand and great resources. This course met my expectations.
-La Tonya H.


Excellent! Would not change a thing. The self-paced approach vs. live is helpful as conversations would derail topics. Keep up the good work. Your approach makes the classes much more interesting and you have a way to connect with the audience.

-Malva C.

Your Instructor

Mabel Nunez
Mabel Nunez

Mabel A. Nunez, MBA is a stock analyst and business owner. She is the founder and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of Girl$ on The Money, a stock market investing education company targeted to women.

Mabel found her passion for stocks and investing during her first investing class as a senior in college and has been hooked ever since. She purchased her very first stock right before the financial crisis of 2008 which turned out to be a true blessing in disguise. While most were panicking she became more passionate and excited about the new found opportunities in the world of stocks and investing.

Driven by her passion for Business and Finance - Mabel also went on to pursue an MBA which she completed with honors in the spring of 2014. After spending nearly a decade working for Fortune 100 insurance companies, Mabel decided to take her passion full time and now works as a stock investing educator, analyst, and published author.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enroll! Upon your registration in the class, you will have access to the very first lesson. Lessons become available once per week to allow students to process the material and complete the homework assignments. There are a total of three lessons, each includes a Part I and Part II. Here is how the course content and materials will be released: Lesson 1: Available immediately after enrollment Lesson 2: Available 7 days after enrollment Lesson 3: Available 14 days after enrollment
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Can I ask questions and interact with the instructor along the way?
YES!! Something that is very unique about our courses is that I work very closely with students. This is not a class where you buy and then you are left to figure things out "on your own". You can reach out to me (Mabel) at any time if you have any questions, want to discuss any prospective investment ideas, and/or anything related to the content you are learning.

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