The Wonderful World Of Dividends

Step by Step Lessons on Dividend Investing for Beginners

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In this step by step course specifically designed for beginners - you'll learn the tools you need to make educated investing decisions when it comes to dividend-paying companies, how to narrow down your list of first dividend investments, and how to build a starter portfolio. Here is a quick summary of what we'll cover:

  • What dividends are about and how dividend payments are received.
  • Investment strategies such as Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) - what it means and how it works.
  • Credible sources and websites where to find dividend information for companies you are interested in (for free!) - PLUS how to read and understand this information.
  • How to identify dividend paying companies and investments of HIGH QUALITY. I'll be sharing some real-life examples.
  • Important financial metrics you should analyze when considering a dividend-payer and which metrics can signal a red flag.
  • How you can build a starter dividend portfolio with any dollar amount you can afford right now.
  • Tax advantaged accounts and how to shield your dividends from taxes.
  • Dividend Investing Guide 2019-2020 Edition: This course includes a guide which lists my TOP 10 Dividend-Investing companies. *Exclusive Bonus*

Tons more!

Your Instructor

Mabel Nunez
Mabel Nunez

Mabel A. Nunez, MBA is a stock analyst and business owner. She is the founder and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of Girl$ on The Money, a stock market investing education company targeted to women.

Mabel found her passion for stocks and investing during her first investing class as a senior in college and has been hooked ever since. She purchased her very first stock right before the financial crisis of 2008 which turned out to be a true blessing in disguise. While most were panicking she became more passionate and excited about the new found opportunities in the world of stocks and investing.

Driven by her passion for Business and Finance - Mabel also went on to pursue an MBA which she completed with honors in the spring of 2014. After spending nearly a decade working for Fortune 100 insurance companies, Mabel decided to take her passion full time and now works as a stock investing educator, analyst, and published author.

Course Curriculum

  LESSON 2: The "Little Money Machine: Reinvesting Your Dividends - What It Means and How It Works
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